About MWD

MWD is a website dedicated to sharing your worst day with others, no matter if you missed your interview or forgot your keys, it's your worst day!

Don't forget that this is one big community, so you can always make someone feel better and comment positively on a bad day, who knows, maybe someone else will make you feel better!

A little bit about points

Points are just such a way to show how active the user is, it does not show that someone has worse or better days.

So how do you get points?

Registration, you receive +100 points
For a story of you day +10 points
Writing a comment +3 points
Like a stories +2 points
Like a comment +1 point

But we also do not tolerate spam or trolling, for the reported and deleted post, will be subtracted -20 points.

User badges [beta]

For the amount of points you earn your badges, will appear on your profile.

< 99 points
> 99 points
> 300 points
> 400 points
> 1000 points
> 2000 points
> 3000 points